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Aspenta Acquires CallFreedom, an International Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ATLANTA, USA - February 18, 2015 Aspenta, a leading developer and innovator of m2m technology, IoT and global OEM roaming solutions provider, announces the strategic acquisition of CallFreedom, an international Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Poland.


The acquisition will add three important components to Aspenta’s growth strategy:

- The addition of a licensed MVNO
The enhancement of the company’s expertise in SIM Provisioning and Management for global roaming and m2m devices
- The ability to expand its fleet tracking and logistics management platform 


It will also combine CallFreedom’s consumer and business solutions, including global roaming SIM cards, with Aspenta’s proprietary m2m technology that enables instant worldwide connectivity with enhanced security at a fraction of international roaming costs.


“CallFreedom has a solid track record of implementing consumer and business solutions that are innovative and cost-efficient,” says Walid Moneimme, CEO of Aspenta.  “This acquisition enhances our global network of mobile operators and is an essential part of our strategy to become the leader in m2m solutions.”


“Aspenta has been instrumental in the development and growth of CallFreedom and it is our pleasure to officially join the family,” states Vyacheslav Krantovskiy, CEO of CallFreedom.  “This acquisition will ensure continuous development of our services and will provide the best available technology to our clients.”


A business partner prior to the acquisition, CallFreedom collaborated with Aspenta and Poland’s Institute of Logistics and Warehousing to create a logistics tracking solution under the name of T-Traco.  T-Traco utilizes Aspenta’s proprietary technology, can be customized to fit the needs of each logistics company, enables digital supply chain management, cross border tracking at low-cost flat rates, and reduces the cost of fleet members’ communications.  It is also an example of Aspenta’s OEM fleet and logistics technology and will serve as the foundation for the company’s UbTrack fleet tracking & logistics management platform.


Aspenta’s proprietary technology redefines m2m communication by eliminating geographical restrictions and significantly reducing international connectivity costs.  The product portfolio includes both consumer and enterprise solutions, including UbTrack fleet and logistics management platform; myAspenta, a customizable and scalable IoT enablement platform; m2m remote gateways; Vectu line of consumer and enterprise tracking devices in addition to global roaming voice, data and m2m SIM cards.



About Aspenta

Aspenta is a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile network operator with proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for m2m devices.   The Aspenta product portfolio covers both consumer and enterprise sectors including the Vectu line of trackers and wireless remote gateways; UbTrack fleet and logistics management platform; myAspenta, a customizable and scalable IoT enablement platform; m2m remote gateways; in addition to global OEM roaming voice, data and m2m SIM cards.   Aspenta aims to transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives when they are on the move through the development of products that provide peace of mind, value proposition and efficient, easy-to-use technology with an international reach.


About CallFreedom

Founded in 2010, CallFreedom focuses on delivering cost-efficient roaming mobile services to both businesses and consumers.  CallFreedom operates under full MVNO License in Poland, partners with global telecommunication companies, and provides mobile coverage in over 190 countries and 560 mobile networks worldwide.


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