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Aspenta Redefines Global Connectivity for Machine-to-Machine Operations

Monday, February 25, 2013
BARCELONA, Spain – February 26, 2015 – Aspenta, a U.S. mobile network operator, today announces m2mConnect® and nSIM®: new global technologies that redefine machine-to-machine (m2m) communications. These major innovations reduce drastically the costs of international m2m connectivity, and offer manufacturers one global SIM, one contract and one support channel.  

Rapidly growing m2m applications include everything from vehicles that alert emergency responders after an accident through to smart energy meters providing detailed information to consumers and utilities. Analysys Mason Limited predicts there will be 2.1 billion m2m connections in less than ten years. However, manufacturers often cite one major obstacle to progress: the high cost of international connectivity.  

Aspenta CEO Dr. Walid Moneimne is confident that the connectivity landscape is about to change for good: “Our technology significantly reduces roaming charges, so manufacturers can implement m2m connectivity far more easily. They can create new revenue sources by providing new services to customers, and cut costs by making operations more efficient. Savings can be large enough to change entirely what a manufacturer or service provider is able to offer. m2m is now finally a realistic option across the globe.”  

From conception to execution, Aspenta manages manufacturers’ entire connectivity needs. One SIM, one contract and one support channel allow development of a simple, easily accessible connectivity platform – anytime, anywhere. Aspenta also offers comprehensive SIM management facilities, enabling customized technical solutions based on specific communication needs and business goals.  

Los Angeles based GlobaTrac is one of the first companies to fully exploit the groundbreaking potential of Aspenta’s m2mConnect®. Its small Trakdot Luggage® device fits into a checked bag, and reports city location in real time to any mobile, Apple, Android or SMS capable device – with the added benefit of Bluetooth notification when a bag reaches the luggage belt. Trakdot Luggage® also offers a long battery life and an extremely low annual subscription –both made possible by the new Aspenta technology.  

“Aspenta’s technology allows us to offer our consumers products at a reasonable price,” says Harry Steck, CEO of Trakdot. “It has been a key component in developing what is essentially a whole new category of device. We get accurate and reliable data, such as location, and so our users know where their luggage ends up, no matter which country in the world - with notification by SMS, email or web.”  

About Aspenta

Based in Atlanta, Aspenta is dedicated to innovating and improving wireless technology for consumers and big businesses. The mobile network operator is committed to offering affordable, simple solutions to complex everyday issues. 

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