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Aspenta Showcasing Vectu Location-tracking Products at CES 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016
LAS VEGAS January 4, 2016 – Aspenta, a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile operator and IoT solutions provider, will showcase a suite of new products, including its innovative vehicle tracking products, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company will feature live product demonstrations at booth #80953 at the Sands Convention Centre, from January 6-9, 2016.

The company’s Vectu line of GPS tracking devices allows consumers and businesses to keep track of people, possessions and vehicles in real time through a web or mobile app. At CES, Aspenta will showcase:

·         Vectu PRO, two models of an installed vehicle tracker—one with external GSM & GPS antennas and one with internal antennas -which provide security and location awareness
·         Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker, which provides real-time security and location awareness in an portable device
·         Vectu On-Demand Personal GPS Locator, which provides real-time, on-demand location updates for people or possessions.
·         Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator, which provides real-time positioning upon help alert

The FBI reports that in 2014, total motor vehicle theft in the United States was nearly 700,000 vehicles, with a vehicle stolen on average every 46 seconds. Moreover, The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 2,000 children are reported missing every day in the United States. With Vectu’s comprehensive product range including personal and vehicle tracking devices, low annual service fee, and international roaming, the Vectu products provide peace of mind at the lowest possible cost. Parents with students abroad, caretakers of an elder or child, or people who want to monitor motor vehicles locally, across the country or across country borders can stay connected in all scenarios with Vectu.

Vectu products work in over 190 countries with no roaming charges and a low, flat rate, reducing the barrier for global mobile applications due in part to Aspenta’s global roaming market.

All Vectu devices can be followed in the free myAspenta app available for Android and iOS. For added convenience, Vectu users can track or locate devices on the web at Each device can be shared with other users and notifications settings let users add additional phone numbers and email addresses to receive notifications. As an innovative player in the IoT market, Aspenta’s Vectu utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology, which grants access to only those users permitted.

“The Vectu location trackers provide security and peace of mind for users that want to connect and locate in real time what is most important to them,” says Dr. Walid Moneimme, CEO of Aspenta. “Because of the global network we have in place, Vectu is able to offer worldwide tracking capabilities with no roaming charge, a key differentiator for us in the market.”

Aspenta also benefits businesses which need to accurately and efficiently locate assets worldwide, including transportation fleets, goods and people. Additionally, Aspenta products significantly reduce business expenditures by providing an affordable option with no roaming costs and safer ways to expand operations across borders.

Vectu products are available from and for $99.99 and $139.99 (depending on model), with the first year’s annual service fee included.

About Aspenta
Aspenta is a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile network operator and IoT solutions provider focusing on providing seamless global connectivity for businesses and individuals. Aspenta operates across three major market verticals – Global Roaming, Machine to Machine, and MVNE. Aspenta aims to transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives when they are on the move through the development of products that provide peace of mind, value proposition and efficient, easy-to-use technology with an international reach. For more information about Aspenta, please visit

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