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Know your Home is Safe and Secure With Aspenta’s Vectu Smart Home

Sunday, January 4, 2015
LAS VEGAS, USA - January 4, 2015 - Aspenta, a U.S. based IoT Solutions Provider, redefines smart home connectivity with Vectu Smart Home, the first in a series of products designed to connect device to people by giving users an easy and safe way to access their existing smart home devices.  

Vectu Smart Home is a convenient and safe way to remotely access, control and monitor your home automation devices, including alarm systems, thermostats, door locks, wireless switches, garage doors, wireless cameras, and more.  The Vectu Smart Home is compatible with most home automation systems, and can be easily incorporated by consumers and providers to solve security and privacy concerns associated with remotely accessing these systems.  

Vectu Smart Home enables consumers and providers of Smart Home solutions to aggregate different systems and alarms by connecting the binary I/O module to the Vectu Smart Home.   while also solving the major problem of security and privacy with Smart Home connectivity.  Users can then configure Vectu Smart Home on the mobile or web portal.   Aspenta technology through its Vectu brand provides accessibility without the need of an IP connectivity, hence avoiding the risk of hacking through Wi-Fi. This allows customers to access their devices remotely across the world and to rest assured that the connection is not only secure and dependable at all times.   

According to the Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates, sales of smart home devices will reach 20.7 million units this year and increase to 35.9 million units by 2017.   “The popularity of smart home devices will continue to increase, but privacy and security concerns are still issues clouding the industry,” says Dr. Walid Moneimme, CEO of Aspenta. “Our Vectu Smart Home provides the safest way to remotely access your smart home devices, allowing you to be in your home even when thousand miles away.”  

With security and safety at the core, Vectu Smart Home also carries additional benefits. Vectu Smart Home offers low monthly rates regardless of where you live. Moreover, by virtue of the power of no roaming charges the Vectu Smart Home device can be moved and used at the location of your choice, in 190 countries. This unique flexibility allows remote access and control via the Aspenta mobile app and web portal from anywhere to anywhere at any time. With Aspenta’s proprietary IoT technology in the global roaming market, Vectu Smart Home is only GSM device that can deliver reliable connectivity in the fringe coverage areas (i.e. the lowest GSM signal areas), insuring reliable connectivity, unlike other brands.  

About Aspenta
Aspenta is a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile operator and an IoT Solutions Provider with proprietary technology providing roaming agreements that enable low cost and fixed rate worldwide connectivity for m2m devices. The Aspenta product portfolio covers both consumer and enterprise sectors including tracking devices, remote gateways and global roaming SIM cards.   Aspenta aims to transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives when they are on the move through the development of products that provide peace of mind, value proposition and efficient, easy-to-use technology with an international reach. 

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