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Vectu Provides Peace of Mind for Consumers to Connect and Locate What is Most Important in Real-Time

Sunday, January 4, 2015
LAS VEGAS, USA - January 4, 2015 - Launching worldwide during the Consumer Electronics Show, Aspenta, a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile operator and an IoT Solutions Provider with proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for m2m devices is redefining connectivity with a product portfolio for both consumer and enterprise sectors. Aspenta will officially launch with their introduction of three global locators: Vectu Nano, Vectu Max and Vectu Alarm under their leading IoT brand Vectu.  

Aspenta’s unique location technology combines the best of cellular triangulation (to work anywhere) with GPS location (for pinpoint accuracy) to provide the most consistent and reliable location possible. As an innovative player in the IoT market, to quell any potential privacy and security concerns, Vectu utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology which grants access to only those users permitted.  

According to the U.S. Travel Association, in 2013, with leisure travels spending nearly $622 billion and business travel expenditures totaling roughly $267 billion, international and domestic travel is steadily increasing year over year. With the Vectu line, products work in over 190 countries with no roaming charges and a significantly lower, flat rate, which reduces the barrier for global mobile applications due in part to Aspenta’s global roaming market.   With features such as live tracking, hibernating, alarm sensors (S.O.S. feature), low monthly rates, and international roaming, the Vectu products provide peace of mind at the lowest possible cost. The live tracking feature lets users see updates in real time via the Aspenta mobile app or web portal.  If you are a parent with a student abroad, a caretaker of an elder or want to monitor your motor vehicle, the Vectu line will allow users to stay connected in all scenarios.   

“Consumers can stay connected to loved ones regardless of their location eliminating worry or uncertainty,” says Dr Walid Moneimme, CEO of Aspenta. “Whether you are someone that travels frequently for work and wants to stay connected with your family or you have elderly parents that cause concern when they are alone, the Vectu line will provide peace of mind.   Aspenta also benefits B2B industries allowing businesses to accurately and efficiently locate assets worldwide, including transportation fleets, goods and people. 

Additionally, Aspenta products significantly reduce business expenditures by providing an affordable option with no roaming costs and safer ways to expand operations across borders.  

About Aspenta
Aspenta is a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile operator and an IoT Solutions Provider with proprietary technology providing roaming agreements that enable low cost and fixed rate worldwide connectivity for m2m devices.   The Aspenta product portfolio covers both consumer and enterprise sectors including tracking devices, remote gateways and global roaming SIM cards.   Aspenta aims to transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives when they are on the move through the development of products that provide peace of mind, value proposition and efficient, easy-to-use technology with an international reach.  

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