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The Aspenta Intelligent Location Register (ILR®) technology was designed to address today’s growing demand for wireless connectivity. The ILR is a new network element that replaces legacy HLR technology. ILR manages all customer profiles and call routing automatically, from agile rule sets outlined by the customer.

Unlike the old HLR technology that used static customer profiles which were stored for the life of the customer, the new Aspenta ILR can make decisions for the customer, adapting their profile in real-time, in response to new information, such as calling party, party called, speed of travel, destination, country called, etc. And it doesn’t stop there; ILR technology is a key building block enabling Aspenta’s nSIM® and m2mConnect® technologies.
nSIM® is a leading edge SIM card technology that significantly reduces roaming costs, without requiring any action from the user. nSIM technology is device agnostic and follows GSMA recommendations in protecting finite IMSIs resources.
Aspenta’s m2mConnect® overcomes high usage cost and complexity of implementing global wireless connectivity. Aspenta’s efficient communication protocol translates to lower energy consumption, which means longer battery life for devices utilizing this technology. And because it can operate on lower signal strength, Aspenta’s m2mConnect significantly expands the area of the earth’s surface where it can be used.

Through lower usage costs, a broader operating area, lower power consumption, and instant global connectivity via a single provider, Aspenta’s m2mConnect technology opens up an exciting new world of possibilities.